Grand Wood Sales Sheets

This page features a Grand Wood 4 page sales sheet, a booklet showing pieces for sale and 2 price sheets. The price sheets are many years apart so there is a big difference in prices. I hope to add more information in the future, but this is all I have for now. Please let me know if you have any other Grand Wood paperwork or pieces available. I am always looking for any information, pieces or variations that I don't have.

Photo Sheet

Grand Wood 4 Page Photo Sheet

Each picture shows 2 pages
Normally this is folded in the middle to make 4 pages

Grand Wood Booklet

Grand Wood Sales Booklet Front Cover, Inside Cover and the Back Cover

Grand Wood Colts

This picture shows the color difference between mahogany and pine
This isn't always obvious because some horses are stained or painted
The horses that are carved in pine aren't as finely detailed

Grand Wood 12 Small Horses

This picture includes some famous horses including racehorses
These small sized horses are usually about 5 inches tall

Grand Wood 5 Small Horses

Needles is a famous racehorse and Red Beaver was a QH that was foaled in 1946

Grand Wood 9 Small Horses

Dan Patch is larger than most of the small horses at 6 1/2 inches

Grand Wood Large Horses

Tyrack Gaited Horse & a Saddle Horse

Grand Wood 7 Large Horses

Some of these larger horses were sold on wooden bases

Grand Wood 18 Inch Western Horse Head Wall Plaque

Grand Wood Horse Head Wall Plaque

10 Inch and 5 Inch Frames

Grand Wood Talk of The Town

Famous Tennessee Walking Horse

Grand Wood Dog Trio

Grand Wood Dog Pair

This Setter was made with a Mallard or a Pheasant in his mouth

Grand Wood Donkeys

Grand Wood Prospector's Burro

Grand Wood Bull Trio

Grand Wood Longhorn Steer

Grand Wood 18 Inch Longhorn Steer Plaque

Grand Wood Mallard Duck Canada Goose and Pheasant on Driftwood

Grand Wood Mallard Drake

Grand Wood Mallard Ducks Wall Plaque

Grand Wood Indian Heads

Grand Wood Fish Trio

Grand Wood Sales List from 1982

Grand Wood 2 page Sales List probably from the 60's

Large Grand Wood Horses Small Grand Wood Horses Directory