Grand Wood Animals - Page 3

This page features Grand Wood animals. I hope to add even more pictures in the future. Please let me know if you have any other horses, animals or misc. Grand Wood pieces available.

Assorted Animals

8 Inch Grand Wood Solid Maple Boxer Dog # 234 F

Nearly Identical to the Breyer Boxer

Grand Wood Carving Master Show Trim Poodle

Grand Wood Mahogany Crossbred Brahma Bull # 254

This looks more like a longhorn to me but Grand Wood calls it a Crossbred Brahma

Grand Wood Brahma Bull # 341

Pine and Maple Variations

Grand Wood Black Angus Bull # 346

Maple and Pine Variations

Grand Wood Hereford Bull # 268

You can tell by the coarse grain that this bull is made of pine

Grand Wood Mahogany Ox Pair

These are slightly different
The tails are attached to different rear legs
The left Ox has a hoof raised, and the right one has his head cocked

Grand Wood Mahogany Mama Pig with Babies

Grand Wood 12 Inch Lion

Not completely finished but still wonderful

Grand Wood Birds

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