Millesan Drews Keiki Figurines

This page features Millesan Drews Keikis. These were produced by Millesan Drews, Hagen Renaker and Napco. Hagen Renaker Keikis are very, very rare. They may have been test marketed at Knott's Berry Farm in the 50's, but were never produced for sale. Very few are known to exist and all the examples I have heard about, came from factory employees.

Millesan Drews made Keikis are hard to find, but not what I would consider rare. They are not as well made as the Hagen Renaker version. They are quite similar to the Napco version. The ones I've seen have slighty different colors, leis or flower placement. The Millesan Drews Keiki on base is hand signed.

Napco Keikis are very collectible but are more common than the other 2. Napco Keikis were sold in a box with a pamphlet that stated that 10 styles of Keikis were produced.

Rare Hagen Renaker Millesan Drews Keikis and Starfish

Hagen Renaker Keikis were not distributed but may have been test marketed
All known examples come from factory employees

Millesan Drews Keikis

Unmarked except the Keiki with the base is signed Millesan Drews
The girl has blue flowers while the Napco has pink and white flowers
The squatting Keiki has his flower placed in a different spot, and his Lei is red instead of pink
The standing boy has a different colored and shorter Lei than the Napco version

Various Napco Keikis

10 different molds were used to produce these Keikis
The tree is just a prop

Millesan Drews and Napco Keikis

The Millesan Drews version has a nicer face, plus the flower on his head is placed in a different spot.

Millesan Drews Signature

Signature on the base of the Millesan Drews version

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