Hagen Renaker Assorted Specialties

This page contains pictures of assorted Hagen Renaker Specialty pieces. Some Specialty pieces are pictured with their type of animals, such as Specialty Elephants are pictured with Elephants.

Some Specialty pieces were produced in Stoneware. These Stoneware pieces were originally issued as miniatures. Stoneware was quickly discontinued. Hagen Renaker continued producing the line. However, they produced them out of pottery, and reclassified them as Specialty pieces. This was the birth of the Specialy Line.

Hagen Renaker Wee Bed Variations

This piece predates the Specialty Line but probably would have been a Specialty Piece if issued later

Hagen Renaker Specialty Bat on Rock

Hagen Renaker Specialty Rhino

Hagen Renaker Specialty Seahorse

Hagen Renaker Stoneware & Specialty Angel Fish

The Angel Fish on the right was a SR of 100 pieces distributed in Europe

Hagen Renaker Stoneware, Specialty & Mini Fish

Originally issued as Stoneware, re-issued as a Specialty and a mini

Hagen Renaker Specialty Coin Fish

Hagen Renaker Specialty Giraffe

The smaller piece is a test mold Stoneware Giraffe

Hagen Renaker Specialty Harp Seal

Hagen Renaker Specialty Tiger

Hagen Renaker Stoneware Tiger

Light and Dark Variations Pictured
Also available glazed as a mini

Hagen Renaker Specialty Chimpanzee With Baby

Hagen Renaker Specialty & Mini Gorilla

The Specialty piece is slightly larger with a gold forehead
4 Variations of the Specialty Piece, 2 Silverbacks, a Greyback and dark back

Hagen Renaker Specialty Fox Family

Hagen Renaker Specialty Butterfly on Flower and Flower by itself

Sold as a set or the flower was sold separately, The pink version was made a short time

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