Hagen Renaker Assorted Mini Birds

Here is the third page of miniature Hagen Renaker Birds.
This page features a wide assortment of breeds.

Hagen Renaker Mini Bluebird Style One First Version

I'm showing a picture of both sides along with the Disney Bluebird
This is a very rare bird
I've seen it pictured in the Charlton Guide, but I always thought the picture was an error
I thought they were picturing the Disney Bluebird by mistake
The 2 birds look pretty close in style and color, but you can tell they are slightly different molds
I guess the easiest way to tell the difference at a glance is the Disney bird has eyebrows

Hagen Renaker Mini Crow and Bluebird

Each bird was only produced for 6 months, 1987 and 88

Hagen Renaker Mini Woodpeckers

The pair on the right are a Special Run distributed in Europe

Hagen Renaker Mini Bluebird With Wire Legs

Hagen Renaker Mini Cardinals

The female cardinal is probably a test color, never meant to be attached to this branch
I've seen quite a few of these, so they aren't as rare as you would think

Hagen Renaker Mini Chickadees

Hagen Renaker Mini Quail

Hagen Renaker Mini Flying Pelican

Hagen Renaker San Dimas Mini Pelican Boxed Set

A Monrovia Boxed Set was also made

Hagen Renaker Mini Pelican on Piling

Hagen Renaker Mini Dove

A pair of Doves in a Bower was also issued as a Specialty piece

Hagen Renaker Mini Puffin

Original and Re-Issue

Hagen Renaker Mini Ice Skating Penguin

Green and yellow scarf variations

HR Mini Bird Bath W/ Birds and Park Place Accessory Piece

The birds were sold on or off the birdbath
Glossy and Matte birdbath variations

HR Mini Seagulls and Seagull Cove Accessory Piece

The Seagulls were sold on or off of Seagull Cove

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