HR Designers Workshop Fireside & Champion Dogs

Hagen Renaker made many different dogs. This page features Hagen Renakers Fireside Dogs and their Champion line of dogs. The third groups of dogs were called Pedigree Dogs. All 3 of these dog lines eventually became part of the Designers Workshop line. The Fireside dogs were the largest dogs HR produced. Three of these Fireside dogs are fairly rare. The Boxer and Boxer pup are fairly easy to find. The entire DW line was retired in 1986. However, Hagen Renaker has recently modified and reissued some of these DW dogs as their new Pedigree line. This new Pedigree line is currently available. I have more pages of dogs pictured. The DW dogs are separated into the three categories and are listed alphabetically whenever possible. There are links for Specialty and mini dogs also.

Fireside Dogs: The 5 Largest Dogs Made By Hagen Renaker

I'm looking for the matte Monrovia Gaylord collie to complete this group of dogs.

Hagen Renaker DW Maggie & Champ Fireside Boxers

Maggie is 11 1/2 inches tall
Monrovia & San Dimas versions are pictured
Champ pup is 5 inches tall
2 Monrovia and 1 San Dimas Champ pictured

Hagen Renaker DW Rare Fireside Collie Dog Gaylord

16 Inches Long & 10 Inches tall, Monrovia & San Dimas versions

Hagen Renaker DW Rare Fireside Dachshund Dog Bernie

14 inches long & 6 1/2 inches tall, Monrovia & San Dimas versions

Hagen Renaker DW Rare Fireside Dalmatian Dog Lady

10 inches tall
Advertised by Hagen Renaker as "Our finest dog"
The glossy Lady is a one of a kind piece
It was John Renaker's personal dog

Hagen Renaker Champion Line Of Dogs, Introduced In 1954

Hagen Renaker Monrovia Champion Basset Hound Benny

Matte and glossy Monrovia
Look closely at the glossy Benny
He has prominent pink haw visible under his eyes, which is fairly common in Basset Hounds

Hagen Renaker San Dimas Champion Basset Hound Benny

These are all San Dimas dogs
The Benny with eyewhites and eyebrows is quite unique
He must be a transition piece
This painting style is normally found on Monrovia era pieces

Hagen Renaker Champion Spooky Dalmatians

Hard to find San Dimas Spooky is pictured 3rd
The rare San Marcos versions are pictured 4th and 5th
Other Dalmatians are pictured with the DW Dogs, Page 3

Hagen Renaker Champion German Shepherd Von

These are all Monrovia era dogs
The lighter dog is unusual and wonderful
Other German Shepherds are pictured with the DW Dogs, Page 3

Rare Hagen Renaker Harlequin Champion Great Dane Hamlet

This is a rare Monrovia era color
He is shown in his normal fawn color in the picture below

Hagen Renaker Champion Great Dane Hamlet

The top row are all Monrovia
The bottom row are San Dimas dogs

Hagen Renaker Champion English Bulldog Winston

The San Dimas Winston pictured on the right is hard to find
Other English Bulldogs are pictured with the DW Dogs, Page 3

Hagen Renaker Champion English Setter Squire & Irish Setter

The English Setters are all Monrovia era dogs
The Orange Belton is probably unique
It was part of Maxine Renakers Dog Collection
The Irish Setters are a Monrovia, a rare matte Monrovia, and a San Dimas
A smaller DW Irish Setter is pictured with the DW Dogs, Page 4

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