Hagen Renaker Archive Pieces

In January 2010 I went on a tour of the Hagen Renaker factory and some of the factory Archives. It was a wonderful experience and it was very educational. Sue Nikas was the perfect hostess. These are pieces of Hagen Renaker history and some tets pieces. Many of them are very unusual and some have never been seen before. I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures. I only had one chance to take these pictures. At home, I take them repeatedly until I find one I like

Hagen Renaker The Duck that started it all

This is the famous duck that started Hagen Renaker making animal figurines

Hagen Renaker Early Pitcher

According to Sue Nikas:
This is a perfect example of why HR stopped making dishes, and started making animal figurines
This pitcher leaks

Hagen Renaker Original Sculpture for the Zany Zoo Lion

Much larger and better detailed than the Zany Zoo Lion

Hagen Renaker DW Cowboy on Cutting Horse Test Color

Hagen Renaker DW Circus Pony Test Color

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