Hagen Renaker Assorted DW Pictures

This page pictures an assortment of DW Hagen Renaker animals. I have 2 pages of assorted minis and a page of assorted Specialty Animals.

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Giraffes

Monrovia only

Hagen Renaker DW Caterpillar Family; Horace, Clarabelle and Genevieve

San Dimas family pictured, Clarabelle is 3 inches tall
The Monrovia family is more colorful with all 3 Caterpillars wearing hats

Hagen Renaker Designers Workshop Mr. & Mrs. Fox

9 3/4 and 9 inches tall
Freeman McFarlin design
Produced by Hagen Renaker in brown, white or gold

Hagen Renaker Aquarium Signs

Hagen Renaker made some Aquarium Furniture in their early years
These signs were purchased from a factory employee who retired in the early 70's
The bases are very crude and look home made

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