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Here are some more assorted pictures of Hagen Renaker Minis. Many of these pieces are very hard to find.

Rare Hagen Renaker Butterflies

There is a lot of confusion about these butterflies, so I will add extra information to help clarify everything
These Butterflies are so rare you never see them. This is what causes the confusion.
The Monarch is a Monrovia era butterfly that was made 1950 and 1951 only
It comes in 3 sizes, # 99 pictured on left, # 115 shown in blue and #113
# 113 is pictured as the small Monarch and a test color yellow with black outlined wings
The small butterflies are # 490 and were produced in 1961 only
4 of the small butterflies are test colors
The 2 yellow butterflies are # 114, which were originally from the 50's, but these are San Dimas test colors
# 114 has raised wing veins so it feels more ribbed
The blue # 115 was probably made in 1967
The bottom pink and blue butterflies are much more delicate pieces.
They were made in the Fall of 1971 only and are models # 307 and 308
Another butterfly # 489 was made in 1961 but isn't pictured here
Collectors and one of the books, call some of these moths
Hagen Renaker never made mini moths
They did produce a rare DW Moth

Hagen Renaker Mini Seahorse on Coral

Rare - The matte finish Seahorses are Aurasperse painted
The dark green and black Seahorses look similar, but the black Seahorse has a cream face
The glossy purple, light green and black are probably all test colors

Hagen Renaker Coral

The coral was sold with the Seahorse or by itself

Hagen Renaker Miniature Fish

The orange fish is Aurasperse painted
The two fish on the bottom right are special runs for the European Market

Hagen Renaker Miniature Octopus

Hagen Renaker Mini Test Mold Dolphins

Never Issued

Hagen Renaker Mini Dolphins

The gold Dolphin is a Special Run

Hagen Renaker Mini Hippos In Pink & Blue

Early - The pink hippos have different colored centers on the flowers

Hagen Renaker Mini Sea Snail

Aurasperse finish & regular issues color

67 Hagen Renaker Test Color Snails

All of these are test colors that were never produced

59 Hagen Renaker Test Color Baby Snails

All of these are test colors that were never produced

60 Hagen Renaker Test Color Snails with Antenna

All of these are test colors that were never produced
Some of these look similar, but they are all different colors

Hagen Renaker Mini Aurasperse Inchworms in Hats

Hagen Renaker Specialty and Mini Worms

Hagen Renaker Mini Flower Monkeys Mom and Baby

The two bottom right Monkeys say Becky & Tim
They were painted by an employee for her children in the early days

Hagen Renaker Mini Monkey Seated, Walking & Climbing

The top left two seated Monkeys are recent reissues
The rest are Monrovia and San Dimas
The originals are all hard to find or rare

Hagen Renaker Miniature Chimpanzee Mama

The Mama Chimps with Bananas and the one with a Climbimg Monkey & Bananas were sold as sets

Hagen Renaker Miniature Chimpanzee Baby

Some of these are test colors
This picture gives you an idea of why I've always collected variations

Hagen Renaker Miniature Elvis Skunks

Hagen Renaker Miniature Early Skunks

These are quite large for minis
A matching baby was also made

Unique Hagen Renaker Miniature Lady Bugs

These are early test pieces
Purchased from a factory employee who retired in the early 70's

Hagen Renaker Driftwood

Not really a mini
More of an accessory or companion piece

Hagen Renaker Test Color Caves

Not really a mini
More of an accessory or companion piece
Several Variations
Sold with Cavemen, Little Horribles and Eskimos or Polar Bears as an Ice Cave

Hagen Renaker Hippo River

Not really a mini
More of an accessory or companion piece
Sold with or without hippos

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