Hagen Renaker Little Horribles

The Little Horribles line was produced in 1958 and 1959 only, although the LH cave was made a year longer. Little Horribles were designed by Nell Bortells. I love them all. What an incredible person she is, with a wonderful imagination.

Little Horribles were sold in little plastic boxes except for the cave. It was sold with a LH sticker affixed. The Purple People Eater was the best selling piece in Hagen Renaker history at one time. Obviously, his popularity was caused by the song about the One Eyed, One Horned Flying Purple People Eater. I'm always looking for pieces, cards, boxes with original stickers, or variations that I don't have pictured.

Most Little Horribles came with plain paper cards with cute sayings
Some came with a silver foil card.
If you know any of the sayings I'm missing, I would love to add them here

Little Horribles Large Paper Sign and 2 Ceramic Sign Variations # 393

The ceramic sign without the copyright is probably a test piece that was never produced
The green color is deliberate to make the sign a little creepy or scary

Little Horribles Cave # 392

2 different styles of caves are pictured but both are Little Horribles caves
The smooth front cave was also used to make a Caveman Cave and an Eskimo Igloo

Napoleon Bat # 387 & Frog Friend

Both are very rare. Probably never offered for sale
Unknown sayings for both

Rare Little Horribles Spectator # 441

Spectator saying: Yeah!... ... Team
Regular issue and Two Test Colors
Spectator is one of the few pieces that came with a silver card.

Little Horribles Toothy

Toothy is rare, and was probably never offered for sale
Two different molds pictured
The first two have a curl on the front of the head, although one is broken off
The mold was redesigned because that curl was too delicate to produce
Unknown saying and number

Little Horribles FHA # 434

Very Rare
Unknown Saying
I think the colorful FHA is the normally issued color
The green ones are test colors I believe
One of the books says that green is the normal color though

Little Horribles Vultures Small # 394 & Very Rare Large Vulture

The small Vulture saying is: come on KID... make up your MIND!
The large Vulture is very rare
Unknown Saying

Little Horribles Guitar Player # 436

The center Guitar Player is a test color that is missing a foot
The brown guitar version is probably a test color also
Unknown Saying

Little Horribles Piano Player # 442

Blue & Green Variations
Piano Player saying: cha cha chaw...

Little Horribles Coronet Player # 417

Blue & Green Variations
Unknown Coronet Player saying

Little Horribles Bongo Player # 418

Unknown Saying

Anxious # 443 & Little Horribles Peeping Tom # 435

Anxious Saying: Where is...the Powderroom?
Peeping Tom saying: If I had the wings of an angel, I could look over transoms

Little Horribles Footsore and Weary # 402

The solid green piece is a test color. It is damaged though.
Footsore and Weary saying: Oh, My feet are killing me.

Little Horribles John & Marsha # 440 & The Patient # 395

John & Marsha saying: Unknown
The Patient saying: I know I'm going to... wake up hung over!

Little Horribles Knotty # 416 & September Morn # 421

Knotty saying: I feel like I've been pulled through a knot
September Morn saying: couldn't you.. have KNOCKED?

Little Horribles Pruneface # 391

Saying: mix me another *** MARTINI, Fred! The children have been MONSTERS.

Little Blue Man # 390, Little Old Man # 383, & Little Purple Man # 419

Little Blue Man saying: Please, MA.. can I have a FLATTOP!
Little Old Man saying: Just what I wanted.... a NECKTIE!
Little Purple Man saying: Go ahead.... SEARCH me!
These were also made as Beach Boys, Cavemen and Little Green Guys

Little Horribles Hula Hooper # 432

Hula Hooper saying: 938,939,940...Ooops!
The blonde variation is unusual

Little Horribles Hole In The Head # 422

Hole in the Head saying: Bang! Bang!.... gotcha with both barrels!

Little Horribles High Jumper # 420

One variation has black toenails and fingernails
Saying: FRANKLY... I'm on the FENCE

Little Horribles RH Negative # 437

RH Negative saying: Take me to.... your Bleeder

Little Horribles Tex # 433 & Horse Laugh # 431

Tex saying: I still say.. MARTINIS is a sissy drink
Horse Laugh saying: it only... hurts when I laugh

Little Horribles Big Foot # 406

Saying: Fallout? it never bothered ME none

Little Horribles Well Built Hickock # 427

Saying: DIET? all it takes is WILLPOWER

Little Horribles Hangover Bob # 407

Saying: not today, Bob..... I'm nursing a HEAD

Little Horribles Beautiful Baby # 439

Saying: you're the only one who...knows the real ME

Little Horribles Tycoon # 425

One variation has no arms
Saying: Money isn't everything... as long as you eat well!

Little Horribles Split Personality # 429 & Ribbon Clerk # 430

Split Personality saying: you're alright.. How am I?
Ribbon Clerk saying: feel like... you've been through the WRINGER?

Little Horribles Three Armed Pete # 397 & The Weakling # 401

Three Armed Pete saying: sometimes you tickle me half to death
The Weakling saying: ONCE I was a 97 pound WEAKLING

Little Horribles Ashes To Ashes # 438 & Dark Eyes # 404

Ashes to Ashes saying: Why rush it?.. I was gonna resign anyway
Dark Eyes saying: are you sure..... the parade goes by here?

Little Horribles Helping Hand # 396 & Purple People Eater # 405

Helping Hand saying: can you use... an EXTRA hand around the place?
Purple People Eater saying: Take me...to your leader EARTHMAN

Little Horribles Tia Juana Rosie # 400

Tia Juana Rosie saying: What's my LINE? ?
These 2 are different sizes but they were also made from different molds

Little Horribles Skindiver # 423

The Aurasperse green Skindiver with red feet is a test color
Skindiver saying: SOME guys..are pretty hard to take!

Little Horribles Eye Spider # 386

Eye Spider saying: Lately, Doc...Everybody seems to STARE at me

Little Horribles Bag In A Sack # 398

saying: ?... WHO needs' DIOR?

Little Horribles Yogi # 426

Saying: So?...whats on your mind?

Little Horribles Silent Sam # 428

Glossy and matte finish
Saying: say... did I say the wrong thing?

Little Horribles Moose # 389 & Strictly From Hunger # 399

Moose saying: I think... I'm nearly over the hump
Strictly From Hunger saying: and how Long.. you thing I been standing in Line?

Little Horribles Hard Working Harry # 424

Saying: This.. is the story of my life...

Rare Little Horribles Silver Cards

Most of the really rare Little Horribles came with Silver Cards
The Piano Player came with a silver card, so the set of 4 players probably all had silver cards

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