Hagen Renaker People, Pixies, Keikis, Mermaids

This page shows pictures of Hagen Renaker People, Pixies, Keikis, Fairies, Mermaids and Humanoid Type pieces, excluding Little Horribles and Disney. Little Horribles and Disney are pictured on the following pages. 3 Little Horribles figures were reissued as Green Guys, Cavemen and Beachboys. The Little Horribles Cave was also reissued as a companion piece for the Cavemen and as an Icecave for the Eskimos. Hagen Renaker made Pixies and Keikis in the 50's. The small pixies sometimes called Petal People were made right around 1950. The large Pixies and Keikis were designed by Millesan Drews. The Pixies were introduced by Hagen Renaker in the mid 50's. Napco produced these Pixies and Keikis also. The early Napco Pixies are virtually identical to the HR Pixies including gold shoes and buttons. Many collectors believe gold shoes and buttons makes a Pixie an HR. This is not true. One other note: Millesan Drews and Napco Keikis are quite collectible but fairly common. Hagen Renaker Keikis are very, very rare. They were test marketed but never sold as part of the regular line. Very few are known to exist.

Rare Hagen Renaker Millesan Drews Keikis and Starfish

Hagen Renaker Keikis weren't widely distributed, and may have simply been test marketed
All known examples come from factory employees
Napco Keikis are much more common

Click below for more information and pictures of the Napco Keikis

Millesan Drews Keikis

Hagen Renaker Rare 1950 Pixies Including
Very Rare Girl Pixie With Wire Antenna

The 2 Pixies aren't attached to the snails, They are just enjoying a ride

Hagen Renaker Mini New Pixies

These were copied from the rare 1950 Pixies

Hagen Renaker Millesan Drews Pixies & DW Toadstools

The red Christmas Pixies are quite rare

Hagen Renaker Mini Ballerinas

Hagen Renaker Mini Infants Wearing Diapers

Hagen Renaker Miniature Guardian Angel Pins

These pins are very rare
The standing pin was made in the Spring of 1967 only
The lying pin was made Spring and Fall of 67

Hagen Renaker Mini Green Cavemen, Cavemen and Beach Boys

All 3 of these molds were originally issued as Little Horribles
Two of the Green Cavemen were made 1966 to 1973
The small standing Green Caveman is hard to find and was produced in the fall of 1966 and 1967
The darker Cavemen were made from 1978 to 1981
The Beach Boys were made a short time, 1982 and 1983

Hagen Renaker Test Color Large Standing Cavemen

Not everything worked for Hagen Renaker
These next 3 pictures are prime examples of pieces that didn't work
There are a few colors that are nice enought they could have been produced
I purchased these from the Estate of a factory employee

Hagen Renaker Test Color Sitting Cavemen

Hagen Renaker Test Color Small Standing Cavemen

Hagen Renaker Specialty Mermaids With Lobster and with Crab

Hagen Renaker Mermaid on Rock

Hagen Renaker Mermaid on Piling

Hagen Renaker Specialty Boy Pixie on Mushrooms

Hagen Renaker Specialty Pixie on Lily pad

Hagen Renaker Specialty Fairy Playing Flute

Hagen Renaker Specialty Fairy Feeding Bunny

Hagen Renaker Specialty Daydreaming Fairy

Early Hagen Renaker Chinese Couple

Originally, I believed these were Monrovia pieces
Now, I believe these were made in San Dimas
They were produced as companion pieces to the planter line
I assume these went with Bonsai planters

Recent Version of the Hagen Renaker Chinese Couple

Early Hagen Renaker Oriental Children Su & Le

Also produced in glossy white

Recent Version of the Hagen Renaker Oriental Children Su & Le

Black Bisque Directory Little Horribles