Here's a copy of our Hagen Renaker and other pieces Want List. It's divided into sections by Cats, Dogs, Horses, Etc, with minis listed first. Some are pretty easy to find and others are quite rare.

We collect anything Hagen Renaker made including, Dishes, Plaques, Planters, Disney, Pixies, Black Bisque, Little Horribles, Designer's Workshop, Specialty Pieces and Minis. We collect examples from all 4 eras, Culver City, Monrovia, San Dimas & San Marcos. We also collect most color or design variations, including test colors and test mold pieces.


Beaver, Green
Chickadee Mama, Yellow


Persian Kitten Licking Paw ( No Number )
Persian Cat Reclining # 207 Orange W/ White Chest
Siamese Cat Walking # 007/002, Calico, Orange Tabbie


Cocker Spaniel Pup Running, Black & White (Butch) A-029/340
Circus Dog With Hat, Black & White with Blue Hat A-268


Appaloosa Head Up with eyewhites
Appaloosa Head Down with eyewhites
Masterson Draft Foal # 62 Pinto
Donkey Democratic With Flag # 303
Race Horse Tickets
Any Exceptional or Unusual Horses


Atomizer White or Blue # 392
Circus Pedestal, Tri-colored ( Black, White & Yellow )
Doe Deer with Spots
Elephants on Pedestal, W/ Gold Trim
Early Elephants In White # 23 Laughing, # 22 Baby, # 4 Mama Facing Right
Republican Elephant With Flag
Fish Early (Any Variation)
Gibbon # 195
Millesan Drews Keikis ( H-R Made Only )
Millesan Drews Pixies, Assorted Colors ( H-R Made Only )
Monarch Butterflies Small # 115
Monarch Butterflies Medium # 113
Music Boxes
Snowy Owl Painted as a Barred Owl
Pig Mama # 18 Pink & Black
Piglet Kneeling # 21 Black & White
Piglet Standing # 17 Black & White
Pixie Girl From 1950 Pixies # 116
1950's Pixies or Petal People, Assorted Colors
Snail Baby Black Shell # 488
Squirrel Baby # 840 Brown
Tweetie Bird Papa # 481 Red
Tweetie Bird Sister Green
Tweetie Bird Brother Green


Dot Eyed Donald Duck
Dot Eyed Mickey Mouse
Any Dot Eyed versions not pictured on my Disney page
Any error pieces or color variations
Test Piece Broom from 50's Fantasia Set


Puss In Boots Glossy
Siamese Cat Climbing Textured Fur, Matte
Cat Lying Black & White Matte, Grey Matte
Bing Bong, Black Matte
Fuzzy, Walking Kitten, Glossy Siamese


Cocker Spaniel Buff, Gloss & Matte ( Butch Mold )
Gaylord Fireside Collie, Matte Monrovia
Curbstone Setter Mutt Lying Tail Up, Tan
Curbstone Setter Reclining Paws Crossed, Tricolor, Glossy Tan
Curbstone Setter Mutt Seated, Tan
Ranger Pointer, White W/ Black Spots
Yvonne Poodle, Matte Grey
Bonnie Scottish Terrier Pup, San Dimas


Roan Lady, San Dimas White
Arabian Stallion Amir Large, Brown
Arabian Mare Zara Large, Glossy Grey
Arabian Foal Zilla Large, Brown, Glossy Grey
Butch, Mustang Foal Buckskin
Commanche, Mustang Stallion Buckskin
Daisy, Mustang Mare Buckskin
Thunder, Glossy Red Brown
Drum Major, Buckskin
Mule, Glossy
Quarter Horse Stallion Two Bits,Bay W/ High Socks
Quarter Horse Foal Shamrock, SR Matte Palomino
Skychief, Buckskin
Sun Cortez Monrovia, 2nd Version White, 2nd Version Black
Sun Cortez San Marcos, Matte Grey, Matte Bay
Thoroughbred With Jockey
Tony, Rose Grey
Horse Head
Any Exceptional or Unusual Horses


Anything Unusual
San Marcos Designer's Workshop Sign, ( Large Sign With Mother Goose )
Bantie Hen, Black Matte, Glossy White & Tri-colored
Bantie Rooster, Black Matte & Tri-colored
Canada Goose Matte
Caterpillar Family, Horace, Clarabelle & Geneviere, Monrovia
Chipmunk Mama Seated Realistic, San Dimas
1956 Buck Deer
1960 Doe
Elephant Rajah, Glossy
Fawn Twinkle, Monrovia
Fighting Cock White
Frog Samuel
Grizzly Bear Gold
Longhorn, San Marcos
Least Tern Flying
Least Tern Nesting, Glossy
Little Red Hen, Matte
Living Trees
Mallard Drake Wings Spread, # 122 San Marcos Matte
Mountain Lying Walking San Dimas
Rabbit Baby Facing Left, Cinnamon, Grey
Rabbit Baby Facing Right, Matte Brown
Rabbit, Molly Matte Brown
Squirrel on Branch, Matte Grey No Leaves/Acorn Variation
Old Monrovia Stoneware Pieces


Flat Face Cat 9 Inches Tall
Dead Bird
Featherduster Bird
Large Rooster


MOSIAC PLAQUES ON WOOD: Horse Trotting Right, I would like to upgrade one of my Geisha Girls

ROCK PLAQUES: Large Butterfly Tray, Horse Clock

Non H-R Items I Collect

Maureen Love Pieces

Grand Wood Horse and Animal Carvings

George Zier Wood Horse Carvings

Francis W. Eustis Horse or Animal Figurines

Louis Paul Jonas Animal Figurines

Calvin Roy Kinstler Horses and Animals

Roy Webb Kinstler Horses and Animals

George Ford Morris Pieces or Original Art

Royal Worcester Horse or Animal Figurines

Rosenthal Horse or Animal Figurines

Hutschenreuther Horse or Animal Figurines

Boehm Horse or Animal Figurines

ANRI Horses

Any Nice Wood Carvings of Horses or Animals

Loza Electrica Cartoon Characters

Renaker Brazel Pieces

Budweiser Clydesdale Decanter

US Coins

Freeman McFarlin Want List

Large Dolphin leaping pair

Indian Chief on horseback


12 1/2 inch Cocker Spaniel

10 inch seated cat

Standing Donkey

Seagull Landing

Of course, I need lots of other pieces and colors too. This is just a quick list of what I'm looking for.

Thank You,
Ed & Sheri Alcorn

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